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About Longevity…

4 Apr

I may be fast approaching the prize(?) / as the oldest active RealEstate Broker / A dubious accolade that may speak to the idea of healthy minds contributing to healthy bodies / Running up and down stairs in Brownstones and Subways for 40 plus Years / rushing to appointments / negotiating with toughminded Buyers and Sellers has been great for the heart / In many ways. 

(Having been a Valentine baby gave me an edge admittedly).

Recently, however, I believe I have found the true answer to longevity…. I have become a Jazz Singer!!!  Check out my recent gig on YouTube.  Singing is the answer to breathing deeply and feeling glad and peaceful (also soulful and loving).


Party News from Carolines 75th.
Caroline, Mother of two came to then unknown SOHO in the sixties with her boys.  She’s a true inspiration.  Bought 2500 sq ft loft on wondrous Wooster street for under 50K .  Painted, etched, influentially engaged in NYC’s Avant Garde music scene, Helped initiate and sustain the famous “KITCHEN.”   Still actively playing her keyboard (quite nicely. I might add).  And of course, still gorgeous without any surgery!

Fabulous Tapas restaurant radiated with positivity, as 65 friends arrived bearing gifts and praises.  The food, like the tunes, kept coming one tasty dish after another, 25 in all!  Paul Meyers’ guitar reigned supreme with Brazilian Jazz.  Accompanied by the Jazz vocalists Francine Whitney, and Suzanne Brose.(ME)  🙂 

Songs were sung. Sons and others told sunny stories, funny and amazing.  Parties like this one definitely deserve mentioning.  75 years of living everyday as a Birthday Buffet, la Belle Vie  celebrated with a Brazilian soundtrack.


What’s up? 3/31/2011

31 Mar

To do list for today (already done)

Dentist’s Appointment  😦
Work on uploading new blog entries 🙂
Sign up new listing in swank building 😀

What’s Happening

Woke up early for Squawk Box with Becky Quick
Interesting info… Warren Buffet’s main man quit over questionable practise.   
Tried to keep my mind off of the dentist appointment at 10.

Lessons Re: Leased

Learned two things yesterday
1) Bring phone charger home (important conversation quit in the middle leaving me feeling helpless).
2) When renting an apt that comes with a parking space check out the size of that space
(my customer’s car won’t fit and leases are already signed )
She’s stuck in more ways than one.

What’s a blog?

2 Feb

A Real Estate Broker for fourdecades,  I have now surrounded myself with a group of smart computer savvy young agents who tell me we should have a blog!
Our real estate company needs a blog!
Here in the center of the Apartment Universe
The world epicenter for exciting living
Buildings too tall for Spiderman
Apartments designed by Supermen
Here where billions are traded daily
Where moving vans and cabs
Buses and limos honk and hum
And vie for their places in mad manhattan
This is where I’ve come to live my life.
To sell my wares
To ply my trade
To do what I do best
To meet and greet and walk the street
To tell our story  To tell your story
And to start a blog!