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What’s a blog?

20 Feb

Homespun answers to Real Estate
Questions from The Custom Brokers
Broker who has been around many blocks:

Question: what should I do if my Broker isn’t answering my needs?
Isn’t returning my calls?
Is showing me all the wrong listings and isn’t listening to me?

Answer: Tell your Broker as best you can what your criterea are and what you expect. If that doesn’t work GET A NEW BROKER
There is no rule that you must stick with one Broker
Look for a better fit!
This is a Lot of Money you are spending!!
You deserve the best service possible!

HOMESPUN Tip of the Week:

Home Hunting Should Be Fun.
Be prepared to enjoy it
If you’re having a bad experience look at what you can do differently


What’s a blog?

2 Feb

A Real Estate Broker for fourdecades,  I have now surrounded myself with a group of smart computer savvy young agents who tell me we should have a blog!
Our real estate company needs a blog!
Here in the center of the Apartment Universe
The world epicenter for exciting living
Buildings too tall for Spiderman
Apartments designed by Supermen
Here where billions are traded daily
Where moving vans and cabs
Buses and limos honk and hum
And vie for their places in mad manhattan
This is where I’ve come to live my life.
To sell my wares
To ply my trade
To do what I do best
To meet and greet and walk the street
To tell our story  To tell your story
And to start a blog!